Traditional Indian Diet.

I like to make informed decisions so a few years ago I started researching this topic of how to eat healthy and lose weight. In my younger years I shied away from Indian food. But over the years, all my research has revealed that the best way for me to lose weight is to eat a balanced traditional Indian diet. In this video even though Kareena is all over the place, she re-iterates my discovery. Eat wholesome food, eat ghee, eat healthy carbs, eat local, and most importantly feel good about what you eat! So I am gonna publish this post and proudly eat some aloo gobi with roti and raita.

January Favourites

January Favourites 1 - Three Wishes

Dear reader, I am ready to re-kindle our relationship. Though I took a break, I never cheated by picking up another hobby.

I still cook and might have even developed an ounce of patience. I still love coffee, though tea has been campaigning to win my attention. Recently, I have started drinking Three Wishes tea by David’s Tea. Every time I take a sip of this hot black flowery tea, I want to sink in my bed with a good book. I was introduced to this tea by Amir Serzhanov and have been in love since. With the tea Not Amir!
January Favourites2aJanuary was a month of road trips! I took the first week off and we drove down to NY. As always I make a pit stop at Dean and Deluca’s, Soho location. This time, while browsing for chocolates I came across Fran’s Caramels. I was first introduced to them in ’09 at a food tour in Seattle. The tour guide told us, that when Obama was campainging though Seattle, during an interview he mentioned Fran’s smoked salt caramels. Next day when Fran Bigelow came to work over a dozen voicemail messages were waiting for her, asking for Obama chocolate. Unaware of the interview, she started calling people back telling them that she doesn’t make that chocolate. Today the White House is stocked with them for their visitors. Needless to say, I bought 6 boxes of these and shared them with a few loved ones!
January Favourites3Once I returned from the trip, my friend Meghan and I hosted a pasta making night at Eastgate! It was my idea, but I had never made pasta before and had to do some extensive research to find a pasta maker, techniques, and recipes. I bought the Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker and we made ricotta filled ravioli in pesto sauce, asparagus filled ravioli in tomato sauce, lemon basil linguine, and bow tie pasta. All thanks to LGO friends and a couple of bottles of wine.

January Favourites4a
Wait what was I talking about? Road trips!!! I drove down to Vermont with the girls for a ski trip, which turned into Heady Topper, a double India Pale Ale, hunt. This beer sells out within hours of being received by a retail store and I couldn’t get my hands on it. Technically, I can’t call it a favorite, if I haven’t tried it. Technicalities wouldn’t stop me from sharing a New England gem with you.

January Favourites5

Anyway, the real highlight of the trip was La Raclette that Evelene fed us. Raclette is the name of a cheese made with cow’s milk that is melted until it could be scraped and served with boiled potatoes and with fresh charcuterie. It was a delicious way to end a FOODLISH January!

Pssst – I stole Raclette pics of this beautiful blog. Now that I have confessed the internet police can’t do anything!!!