Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bags

Every time I watch Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bags, I miss the cooking adventures I had with Aneesha and Sudeshna. Even though we didn’t go as far as catching our own fish, we had our fair share of disasters, lessons learnt, and funny stories. This week I suggest you all to host a cooking night and connect with old friends.

Review: Junoon Resturant

I found out about Junoon, a Michelin star Indian restaurant in Manhattan, when it’s executive chef, Vikas Khanna, was featured on Martha Stewart’s show.

It was a rainy and windy day, but we managed to find the place on time at 6:30pm. The restaurant lobby felt like it was a hotel. It was so fancy, that I consciously tried to act classier.

Menu: We started the evening with Lahsooni Gobi and Murg Tikka Mirza Hasnu. Vikkie and Arvind ordered a Highland Cooler and could not stop raving about it. For dinner we ordered fusion dishes like Lobster Tandoori, Duck Tellicherry Pepper, Patiala Shahi Goat and classics like Daal Makhni. For dessert we had Mango Lassie, Gianduja Chocolate Parfait with an edible gold leaf, and three types of Kulfi.

Price: For all that and a half bottle of wine it came up to $70/person.

Taste: It’s hard to create the right balance of flavors in a fusion dish and it’s even harder to perfect a classic a dish like daal makhani. Junoon nailed them both.

My verdict: Excellent food, ambience, and price. This place gets my stamp of approval.

You make me feel special: TasteSpotting

This week GFWF was featured on TasteSpotting!! When I saw this picture on their homepage, I wanted to hop onto a table and scream! But that would have been weird. So I though I’d share it with you guys.

Leftover herbs: Mark Bittman Style

Please do watch this video past the advertisement. I am having a writer’s block this week. It’s hard to imagine why, since I am not a writer.

I buy herbs like chives, basil, and parsley all the time while trying out new recipes. These herbs don’t freeze well, unlike rosemary and thyme. After watching this video, I thought “finally I found a solution for my leftover herbs.” That’s until I looked through the ingredients of the recipes. So now I have to buy 3 bunches of parsley just to make a soup! This isn’t a solution to my leftover herb problem.

My verdict: I am a fan of Mark but in this case I think his advice is not very practical. Who eats just herbs? Cows.

A trip to Napa Valley: Benessere Vineyards

Napa Valley and Wine and Grapes

My girlfriends and I really needed a break. A good travel deal, a few emails and a week later we were in San Francisco. Little did we know that we had booked our trip during the harvest season in Napa Valley.

Our friend, Giri, took us to a Harvest Party at Benessere Vineyards. Weather gods were on our side as it turned out to be beautiful day. The party started with tasting some wine and devouring snacks. Then our tour group was divided into three teams and the first challenge was to de-stem a big tub of grapes. We strategized and worked fast only to come in last. The second challenge was stomping grapes to get the juice out. By this time we had enough wine that we just wanted to have fun. Guess what, our team won! The party ended with an outdoor feast and more wine. Good thing I did not have to drive back!

My verdict: Sometimes to have a good time all you need is some luck and lot of wine.