Traditional Indian Diet.

I like to make informed decisions so a few years ago I started researching this topic of how to eat healthy and lose weight. In my younger years I shied away from Indian food. But over the years, all my research has revealed that the best way for me to lose weight is to eat a balanced traditional Indian diet. In this video even though Kareena is all over the place, she re-iterates my discovery. Eat wholesome food, eat ghee, eat healthy carbs, eat local, and most importantly feel good about what you eat! So I am gonna publish this post and proudly eat some aloo gobi with roti and raita.

3 thoughts on “Traditional Indian Diet.”

  1. Interesting! I definitely left Indian food behind after moving to Calgary, but everything works in a balanced diet. Also you’re posting again!

    1. Yes! Stay tuned for a few new recipes. In the mean time check out the currently cooking page. I keep updating that with tried and tested recipes from external sources.

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