iLove: Apple Ginger Juice

Dad got a juicer for Christmas. Strangely I obsess over new kitchen gadgets the way most people do over Apple products. Daily juicing never did any harm so it turns out my obsession is a healthy one. Here is what I have been juicing daily for the past one week.

Apple Ginger Juice – serves 4 glasses
4 apples
1 inch piece of fresh ginger
3 – 4 leaves of mint
2 oranges

My verdict: It’s ironic that I made an analogy to apple products, because I just created an ‘Apple’ product! Lame, right? Ok, despite the addictive taste of this juice, maybe I need to stop juicing everyday.

10 thoughts on “iLove: Apple Ginger Juice”

  1. This changes everything. Again.
    I like the way this recipe ‘thinks different’.
    Alright, now I need to stop with the Apple analogies…

  2. PC…just tried this now and loved it, “numlicious” is the proper word for it, a cross between “nummy” and “delicious”…very imaginative Ms. Chopra…cheers with haromy, Terry Willox

  3. I love my juicer – it’s in Vancouver with my mom and dad and we juice every summer! I’ve done apple with ginger before and it’s so refreshing! Thanks for reminding me! Love the blog Pragati!

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