Review: Cafe Medina

Cafe Medina in Vancouver Review

With over 400 reviews in Google and all those people waiting to be seated, you can’t help but wonder what is so special about Cafe Medina.

Menu: The globally influenced brunch menu has everything from Moroccan meatballs to Belgium waffles.

Price: The paella and waffle came up to $18 before tip.

Taste: Paella was a tasty blend of chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, corn, topped with watercress, avocado, tomato salad and an egg. The waffle was a perfect balance between crispy and soft. The waffle was served with a dip, which was chocolatey with a slight smell of lavender.

Size: More than enough for one person.

My verdict: It’s safe to say that the taste justified the wait. Some might even say the hype killed it.