image1Hi everyone, my name is Pragati and I write this blog.

Do you have a nick name?
Yes, it’s Pikkie.

Were you a picky eater?
I don’t know. Maybe.

What is the first thing you learnt to cook?

Why the blog?
My mom introduced me to her kitchen through washing dishes. Mom needed help and at 6 years of age I needed a reason to play with water. Slowly I graduated to cooking in my mom’s kitchen. Even then, when I would cook, mom would conveniently take care of the cleaning. Once I moved out I realized it takes a lot more to run a kitchen.

Hence I started this blog to collect recipes, techniques, information on cooking and eating healthy food. My goal is to be able run a kitchen without spending too much money or time.

Who takes your pictures?
All the pictures published here are taken with love and patience by myself.

Can we use your pictures or content?
All pictures and content on this site are copyright of Get Fresh with Food (unless otherwise stated). If you want something, just ask me and I would be flattered to share.

How do we get in touch?
Feel free to send me an email @ getfreshwithfood(at)gmail(dot)com