Straight from Edmonton: Tres Carnales

This past month I have been all over the place! First St John’s, then Vancouver, and, now I am on my way to Boston. I hate my life! Who wants to spend hours exploring new cities, new malls, and new airports? Wouldn’t you rather work behind a desk day after day? I am sure you have noticed that all this has taking a toll on my cooking. Lately, I have been forced to eat out.

Between all the traveling, Edmonton has become home. Last week Shipra gave me a copy of Avenue magazine. It had a picture of these fish tacos from Tres Carnales. After I saw this picture, all I thought about were fish tacos! The next day, I went to Tres Carnales and ordered them. They tasted better than they looked! I even went back to have them the next day. This time Daniel, one of the owners, convinced me try the Pollo Asado (chicken tacos).

Menu: Their menu is what I would call “Mexican finger food”. The entrĂ©e menu consists of 8 unique fillings that you can eat in a taco, quesadilla, or torta (sandwich). In addition, they offer appetizers and unique in-house made chilled teas.

Price: I had the chicken tacos and Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea) and it came up to $13.13 before tip.

Taste: The Pollo Asado is made up of shredded chicken on two corn tortillas topped with fresh white onions and cilantro. The tacos are served with a wedge of lime and salsa verde. Daniel described their salsa verde as a marriage between guacamole and the usual salsa verde. As for their hibiscus tea, Agua de Jamaica is now my favorite drink in Edmonton!

Size: I usually have my last taco packed up to go. Yes, as you know, I eat like a bird.

My verdict: The picture shown above was the table I sat at. My fellow diners were of Mexican origin. They said that Tres Carnales serves the best Mexican food in Edmonton. I agree with them.

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  1. I’m going to have to check this place out when I come to Edmonton next. I’ve been craving some Mexican food!

  2. I live in Edmonton… and I still haven’t been here yet! I should go one of these days!

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